How You Can Benefit From an SDIRA

By Georgetown Trust

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For many individuals, the prospect of relying on a pension or on Social Security during retirement is worrisome. If you're focused on financial security, and you want to oversee the management of assets that will provide for you in the future, then taking control over your retirement investments is a smart choice.

An SDIRA, or self-directed individual retirement account, can be one savvy way to manage your own IRA and make the decisions you deem appropriate for your financial future.

Discover some of the key ways that you can benefit from your own SDIRA. 

Access Investment Capital Without IRA Withdrawal Tax Penalties

One of the biggest benefits of establishing an SDIRA is that you can gain access to accumulated capital without paying for it in tax penalties.

After all, it is possible to withdraw money from your existing IRA when you want to, but you will be forced to pay tax penalties for early withdrawal. The longer your assets remain in an IRA, the better off you will be from a tax perspective.

Creating an SDIRA means that you are in complete control of the IRA's contents, and you can choose from any number of investments.

You'll essentially have access to the assets early, but you won't need to deal with the worry of early withdrawal tax penalties. 

It is important to note that you are not actually withdrawing the money from the account as that, of course, would have tax consequences. Instead you are gaining access to the capital and directing how it is put to work.

Opportunity to Go International

Many traditional IRAs only include domestic investments, which means that these IRAs are missing out on the incredible opportunities that are offered internationally. 

With economies always in flux, diversifying your investments and IRA by going global helps to mitigate risk and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Potential for Greater Profits Over Time

Another advantage of having an SDIRA is that you can see greater profit margins. A balanced IRA may see growth if managed well, however, the likelihood of significant profits are left in the hands of others.

Utilizing an SDIRA can pinpoint up-and-coming markets, a great individual real estate investment or a blossoming tech company in need of capital.

Each of these investment opportunities brings with it greater risks, but they also offer greater potential for greater rewards.

Individuals who feel comfortable navigating the world of investments, or are skilled in a niche area of investment, can use this knowledge to their advantage with an SDIRA and choose options with big profit potential.

Secured Assets, Even in Bankruptcy or Legal Action

Some individuals might think it is easier to withdraw assets from their IRA and make their own retirement investments, regardless of tax penalties that may occur.

However, rolling over your IRA into an SDIRA does more than give you greater control over the assets.

Since those assets are still within an IRA account, they are protected. If you were to suffer from a bankruptcy, or if the remainder of your assets were frozen in a legal battle, your SDIRA would remain untouched and free from freezes or government intervention.

Take Control of Your Future

Tax benefits, greater potential for profits, and secured assets are all definite advantages of establishing an SDIRA, but they don't touch on the most important factor of all: autonomy.

When you create an SDIRA, you are taking control of your future. Determining how to invest your hard-earned retirement funds can be a wonderful choice for those with the desire and knowledge to navigate world markets and take on the responsibility of their finances.

You can diversify your holdings to include stocks and real estate from around the world, and there are only a few limitations on what your SDIRA can do.

An IRA is an important part of your retirement preparation, but you can trade the traditional IRA for a more versatile SDIRA.

A self-directed IRA offers you control over your financial future, secured assets protected under the IRA framework, access to capital without tax penalties and the potential for greater profits over time.

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