Take Control of Your Investments with a Self-Directed IRA

Get Help Investing Your IRA Offshore To Belize For many people around the world, their IRA, or individual retirement account, is a significant part of their retirement plan. An IRA is essentially a trust or fund paid into over years or decades by both your employers and yourself.

The manager of your IRA puts the total sum of your IRA's value into a variety of investments and hopes to give you at retirement the largest amount possible. Unfortunately, that idea doesn't always deliver, and your IRA might not even be growing with inflation.

One way to avoid fees and see higher profits is to consider self-directing your IRA through an offshore IRA LLC, and Georgetown Trust can help you.

Why Move an IRA Offshore?

For decades, the very wealthy have taken their IRAs offshore in order to pay fewer fees, enjoy lower taxes on their capital gains and make foreign investments that offered greater potential profits. This is in contrast to a domestic IRA where you likely have very little control over the fees charged to your account, the choice of your adviser or even the full scope of investment opportunities.

Many markets, such as Belize, don't have the same tax regulations in place as the United States, which means that your profits can be greater overall. Plus, there may be more diversity, allowing you to reduce vulnerability or take greater risks depending on your personal preference.

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My experience with Dave Drummond and Georgetown Trust has been terrific.  I was very new to alternative investment services and Dave guided me step by step successfully through the entire process. 

- Kristina S.

What are the Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA?

The biggest benefit of having a self-directed IRA is hinted at right in the name. When you take your IRA offshore and turn it into an IRA LLC, you can have more control of your own investments. You can pick your own financial adviser and let them know exactly what level of risk you're comfortable with, and you'll have a far greater number of investment options available to you on a global level.

What are the Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA LLC?

When you go from a self-directed IRA to an IRA LLC, you're giving yourself even more financial freedom over your money and your future. You can have complete control over the net worth of your IRA, and you don't need to check with any advisers before you make last-minute decisions.

Since advisers are looking out for their track record as well as your money, they might not take the same risks that you would. When you run your offshore IRA as an LLC, all final decisions are entirely up to you.

What are the Limitations of a Self-Directed Offshore IRA LLC?

While there are countless benefits of taking control of your IRA and moving the funds offshore, there are some restrictions and limitations you should be aware of. You can't borrow against the value of your IRA, and you will still need to provide an annual report on the status of your IRA to the IRS.

You also have to be careful to avoid self-dealing, or the lending of money to a friend, relative or business where you have a vested interest. Although an IRA LLC gives you a staggering amount of financial freedom, you still can't purchase certain items such as collectibles, stamps or antiques.

Start an Offshore IRA Today Through Georgetown Trust

If you want to take control of your financial future through your IRA, we help by moving your IRA offshore to Belize and turning it into an LLC or limited liability company so you can start directing your investments and reaping the benefits.

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