About Georgetown Trust, Ltd.

Having the luxury of the protection and security of your wealth in an ever changing global economy is the core value of Georgetown Trust, Ltd. Managing your assets, facilitating your business activities, or structuring for you the most convenient financial vehicles, make us a one-stop centre in offshore financial services.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I have found Georgetown Trust to be easy to work with, friendly, competent, trust worthy and responsive, something I can't always say about other organizations.

- Anne O.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Asset Protection & Wealth Creation

Licensed since 1999 in the jurisdiction of Belize, and having a global network of affiliate partners, Georgetown Trust, Ltd. and its professional associates represent a multi-disciplinary approach to asset protection, wealth creation and preservation, and combing legal, accounting, financial and business acumen into a powerful offshore centre designed to accomplish your financial goals.

We have established our presence in Belize, one of the world’s most secure and independent financial centres for every sound taxation and legislation reason, and there are no taxes of any kind impacting the various services provided under Belize’s International Financial Services legislation.

Privacy Is Our Priority

Privacy and strict client confidential is our number one priority, and the Laws of Belize further prohibit the disclosure of any financial information to foreign governments, courts or third-party litigants.

Whether you are young professional , retired person concerned with passing wealth to future generations or a successful entrepreneur worried about business down turns or personal litigation, Georgetown Trust, Ltd. is committed to preserving, protecting, promoting, enhancing and expanding your wealth now and for the future.

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