Qualified Retirement Residency Program (QRP)

Retire in Belize to Enjoy an Affordable and Exciting Lifestyle

Getting an Offshore Residency in Belize is very easy through the Retirement Residency program, called the Qualified Retired Persons Program, or QRP for short.

This status was created for people forty-five years of age or older who wish to live in Belize, and is very simple compared to other jurisdictions that offer similar programs with more demanding requirements.

An applicant can also include their dependents such as a spouse, and children under the age of eighteen; and can also include a dependent up to the age of twenty-three who is enrolled in college.

Benefits of the Qualified Retired Persons Program

Under this program, all Qualified Retired Persons can import their household goods and personal effects free of all import duties and taxes, within the first year after being accepted into the program. This benefit also includes: a vehicle (not older than 3 years), a marine vessel, and a light aircraft, for all of which the duty-free privilege applies every 3 years.

They are also exempt from the payment of all taxes and duties on all income or receipts which accrue to them from a source other than from within Belize, whether that income is generated from work performed or from an investment.

How to Qualify

An applicant must be able to show certified proof that they are currently earning or worth a minimum of US$2,000.00 per month or more from any consistent source, and this must be backed up by relative bank statements or other financial statements showing those deposits going into accounts, and officially verified by a tax attorney or CPA.

Applicant must complete an application form and submit other minor requirements that are listed on the application.

Apply for the Qualified Retirement Residency Program (QRP)