Protect Your Assets by Storing Your Precious Metals Securely

Learn How To Protect Your Assets Through The Precious Metals Program. Investors who want to take advantage of the timeless value of gold, silver, palladium and platinum can choose to participate in our Precious Metals Program.

Georgetown Trust is incredibly excited about this opportunity for investors around the world to buy precious metals, store them securely and have a financial safety net that isn't tied to any one particular currency.

How the Precious Metals Program Works

Georgetown Trust's Precious Metals Programs works in two key ways.

  • First, it helps facilitate the purchase of precious metals like palladium, gold, silver and platinum.
  • Second, it helps you securely store your purchases. Although Georgetown Trust is based in Belize, the precious metals storage facility is a very secure location in Zurich, Switzerland.

This benefits you in several ways, but most significant is the fact that assets are protected from government intervention, from account freezes or from unlawful seizes by a third party. Quite literally, your precious metals will be under lock and key and kept more securely than you can imagine.

Perks of Buying Precious Metals Through Georgetown Trust

Aside from the benefits of storing your precious metals in secure facilities in Switzerland, there are major benefits to buying your gold, silver or platinum through Georgetown Trust.

By combining all monthly purchases into one bulk order on the first business day of each month, we are able to guarantee some of the lowest prices for precious metals. There is a reasonable minimal buy-in of just $10,000, letting you determine how much or how little you want to invest in precious metals.

However, the more you purchase, the greater a discount you can receive on associated buying fees. Georgetown Trust will also help you sell your precious metals should that be desired, and the money will be transferred to the account or location of your choice within two business days of the transaction.

Costs Involved

Since Georgetown Trust buys precious metals in bulk once each month and stores precious metals in bulk in a secure Swiss facility, those savings get passed on to you as the customer. The fee schedule is based on purchase amounts with a minimum purchase requirement of $20,000 US dollars.

Benefits of Investing

Investing in precious metals can be a savvy move for a number of reasons. Since it is not tied to any one currency, it allows you to be financially secure around the world, even if a single currency devalues rapidly. It can also be a way to protect assets and help your loved ones gain security in the future.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to enroll into the Precious Metals Program today, you will need to be willing to invest a minimum of $10,000 in precious metals. You can speak to any of Georgetown Trust's client services representatives for more information.

Learn how to protect your assets through the Precious Metals Program