Banking Services

There are five commercial banks that currently conduct local business in Belize. They are all regulated by the Central Bank of Belize in accordance with the provision of the local Banking Act. We facilitate our clients with introductions to local banks in Belize for the establishment of personal savings accounts and investment accounts; as well as the acquisition of debit and credit cards that are held in local currency.

The local currency (the Belize dollar) is tied to the US dollar in the fixed exchange rate of BZ$2 equivalent to US$1. There are many benefits that can be accrued to you from banking in Belize and we stand ready to facilitate you with local banking services that will allow you to make purchases in shops and withdraw cash from ATM's located anywhere throughout Belize. The major advantage for you to access local banking facilities (checking accounts, debit and credit cards) are their security, cost effectiveness and versatility making them ideally suited to be used for your Belize retirement or investment needs.

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