5 Ways a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Business

By Georgetown Trust

VirtualOffice_iStock_000000201043_MediumIn today's tech-savvy world, an increasing number of companies don't feel the need to stick with a traditional business model and ordinary office headquarters. 

Many employees telecommute, which can attract better talent and keep overhead costs low. If you are thinking about setting up a virtual office in a destination like Belize, discover the advantages and find out how Georgetown Trust can help you get started.on't feel the need to stick with a traditional business model and ordinary office headquarters.

1. Take Advantage of IBC Laws

If your business becomes an IBC, or International Business Company, then you will quality for staggering tax benefits from the Belize government. Among many other perks, your company won't be required to pay capital income taxes even after profiting over the course of the fiscal year.

With a virtual office in Belize, you can take advantage of these IBC laws in a completely legal way without living in Belize or renting out a large office space in the country.

2. Forget About Overhead Operating Costs

One of the biggest financial concerns for small businesses is affording the costs of setting up an office. The overhead can include rent, utilities and furniture, all of which can add up quickly. By eliminating the need for a physical office, you can drastically slash operating costs and help your business achieve profits faster.

3. Enjoy Business Facilities at a Fraction of the Price

Just because you decide not to have a physical office space in Belize, you don't have to skip the important business facilities that help legitimize your company.

A virtual office can provide you with a post office box, an impressive street address, daily mail collection and forwarding, a receptionist for incoming phone calls or faxes and call forwarding if desired.

All of these major benefits come at a fraction of the cost since the staff and location is shared by several offshore businesses.

4. Travel as You Conduct Business

One of the biggest advantages of having a virtual office is allowing you the freedom to travel as you work. If you don't need to be sitting by the phone or available to sign for packages, you will be able to enjoy a flexible schedule.

This is ideal for business owners who want to operate on a part-time basis or for those individuals who have worked hard for their profits and want to travel and enjoy them as soon as possible. Wherever you happen to be in the world, your virtual office will still operate as normal.

5. Attract Employees Who Crave Flexibility

If your business is actively seeking out the best and the brightest to become full-time employees or even consultants, the appeal of a virtual office might help your search. One of the most in-demand perks of careers today is a flexible work schedule and the ability to telecommute.

A virtual office is a major advantage for employees, which can help ensure that your company hires the best in your field.

Opening a virtual office in Belize makes financial sense, but it can also offer personal advantages to you and any staff you might employ.

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