5 Reasons to Invest in Belize

By Georgetown Trust

Offshore_InvestmentsOne of the most basic rules in the world of investing is to spread your risk and diversify your assets. Also known as not putting all of your eggs into one basket, this is a key if you want to minimize your risk and reduce your overall financial vulnerability.

For this reason, many investors decide to pursue offshore or international investments outside of their primary country of residence. While there are opportunities across the globe, Belize stands out as a top destination for many investors. Uncover some of the most convincing reasons to invest in Belize today.

1. Belize is a Tax-Friendly Jurisdiction

For investors, one of the most important things to consider before making investments in any one destination is the tax setup. Obviously, paying high capital gains taxes on any profitable investments will eat away at your net worth.

Thankfully, foreign investors in Belize do not have to pay capital gains taxes or income taxes, which can ensure that your profits go toward you or to any future investments you plan to make.

2. Belize Offers Investors Privacy and Anonymity

Not all destinations are created equally when it comes to government intervention and privacy for investors. In Belize, both of these things are highly valued.

Although there are regulations in place for banks, financial institutions and investment companies based in Belize, individual investors can rest assured that they will not be victims of serious government intervention, asset freezing or even having all their financial records published.

For those who value privacy, Belize is a natural choice for any future investments.

3. Belize Provides a Range of Unique Investment Opportunities

Another definite benefit to investing in Belize is that the nation offers such a variety of investment opportunities to choose from. Standard investments that are common for domestic investors such as trusts, bonds and managed mutual funds are still great options in Belize, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

You could also opt to incorporate your IRA into an LLC and self-direct it from Belize, invest in timber as demand for it grows around the world, purchase gold and even borrow against its value or buy real estate in Belize for yourself or for future development. 

4. Belize's Low Cost of Living Translates to Lower Fees for Investors

One of the biggest reasons to invest in Belize is because of the country's overall low cost of living. Even if you don't plan to live in Belize or even visit the country at all, the affordability can still save you money.

A low cost of living means that banks and lending institutions can charge lower overall rates for things like making investments or seeking financial expert advisors.

This is in stark contrast to some financial offshore hubs like Hong Kong and Tokyo that have extremely high costs of living and, as a result, higher banking and investment fees as well.

5. Belize's Economy is on the Rise

If you're eager to invest in an offshore destination, you will definitely want to look for a nation that has an economy on the rise rather than on the decline. 

In Belize, where the number of international investors grows each year, the economy is seeing significant growth. Plus, tourism is also growing quickly, bringing more money into the country.

These five reasons showcase why Belize is such an appealing country in Central America for investors who want the ultimate offshore destination.

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