Why Go Offshore – What You Need to Consider

By David J Drummond

Going Offshore

Going offshore is a hot issue of late, but it means different things to different people. Going offshore might be desirable for those who want to retire in a new destination, but it might also refer to banking or corporate preferences.

If you're planning to go international for any reason, stay tuned to find out what that means, what you should know, and the best countries for offshore opportunity.

Going Offshore: Why and How 

Going offshore can refer to different components, but it usually includes asset protection, residency, banking, and investment.

The first component, asset protection, is a big one. Whether you want to minimize your taxes in a legal way or protect your hard-earned assets from litigation concerns, offshore asset protection can be incredibly helpful.

For similar reasons, individuals might want to go offshore in order to keep their assets in diverse bank accounts. Spreading your assets around geographically is a smart way to minimize risk and reduce your level of financial vulnerability.

Are you considering going offshore to explore alternative investments? There certainly is no shortage of options on a global scale, and choices can range from precious metals to international real estate.

Exploring alternative investments can lead to offshore residency options. Many people want to get more for their money or simply enjoy a higher quality of life, and that can sometimes mean living in a new location.

This might lead to purchasing a home internationally and spending a certain amount of time there.

Some extend this to overseas retirement or even a second passport in the country of your choice.

The Best Destinations to Go International 

Once you've made the decision to go offshore, you need to decide the location. After all, not every country has the same tax laws, asset protection regulations, and quality of life.

Ultimately, the best place to go offshore depends on a number of factors, and some of those factors include your financial and residency goals.

A good place to start is with global income.

In the United States, as an example, your global income is taxed. In other nations, that's not the case.

Many of the world's most popular places to invest or bank offshore are largely popular because they don't tax your global earnings.

Beyond that, it is important to consider the cost of living, especially if you're hoping to buy international real estate or eventually vacation or live overseas.

Some countries are fantastic for quick trips, but they might not appeal to you in retirement.

If you're looking for a laid-back, scenic lifestyle that won't break the bank, Caribbean spots like Belize are immensely popular.

From there, consider residency requirements as well as asset protection in order to end up with the right offshore destination that meets all your wants and needs.

Getting a Second Passport for an International Lifestyle 

Going offshore is an option available to just about everyone. You can easily open a bank account in Belize without ever leaving your country of primary residence.

However, some want to embrace the offshore lifestyle and live overseas.

To take it one step further, you might also want to secure a second passport. This gives you full rights and privileges as a citizen of an international jurisdiction.

If you're coming from the United States, keep in mind that the USA allows you to have two passports as long as the second country allows it.

So, you can have an American passport and a German passport because Germany allows that. However, you can't have an American passport and a passport in Singapore, because Singapore doesn't allow for that.

While some countries technically don't allow for multiple passports, it is a common practice. At the same time, some countries allow for full residency without citizenship, which might also be an option worth considering.

Beyond that, it's all about meeting the citizenship requirements of your intended nation, whatever those might be. You may need to meet heritage requirements or display proof of financial funds depending on the country and their laws.

Going Offshore: Getting Started

If you're ready to go offshore, start by thinking about the primary reasons you want to make that move. Once you know why you're exploring international options, you'll be able to focus on the factors that matter the most.

Whether you're going offshore for residency or financial reasons, Belize is a top choice for many.

You can learn more about the benefits of going offshore and how to get started right away through Georgetown Trust.

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