Crypto - Fiat Banking.....getting better or worse?

By David J Drummond

Crypto to Fiat ???Well the "Crypto Craze" has rescinded for the moment, but one would expect to see it rise again as ideas turn into products, concepts turn into services, ICO valuations represent realistic demand and the cryptos settle and sort themselves out.

In the meantime, what if you just want to interact with banks in the "Fiat" world. Unfortunately, there are still times when you need good old cash. And good old cash, comes from good old banks (well ok, not so sure about "good" - let's say functioning). And they, the fiat banks that is, still don't like to interact with those pesky crypto-exchanges; and even more so for the closely monitored offshore banks.

The reason is that offshore banks are constantly being asked by governing bodies these simple questions:

1) Do you know who you are sending this money to?

2) Do you know who you are receiving this money from?

3) Do you know who the person you are receiving it from, received it from? 

Ok, the first two we understand, the third one is relatively new and is referred to as "KYCC or "Know Your Client's Client". As such, because it is not readily known as to where a specific client's crypto coin has come from, banks are just turning their head on the entire issue at the moment.

Of course, some are embracing it fully but they are typically not offshore; they are in regulated jurisdictions and require setting up in that jurisdiction to use the banking system. Doable, but tends to be pricey.

So, if you are looking to find an offshore bank account that allows for crypto-to-fiat movement; get ready to search long and hard. There are very few banks that are out of the major domestic jurisdictions that are willing to take this business on for personal accounts; yet alone, corporate accounts or crypto-related business operational bank accounts.

Depending on what you are trying to do, we may be able to help or point you in the right direction. The current reality is that it's a problem that still has no great solutions at the moment.

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