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Free hold land in Belize is readily available for sale, with few restrictions, to foreign buyers and non-native investors. Inland properties are generally found to be more affordable than those properties located on the outlying islands (referred to as “Cayes”) that are scattered along the coastline of Belize’s barrier reef. The benefits of working with a buyer's agent to purchase property in Belize would begin with the identification of your specific needs for the particular real estate you require.

Whether you are seeking a developed residential property or you require a condominium property or a resort or hotel property or have other or more specific requirements. Georgetown Trust, Ltd. is willing to work along with you, as your buyer’s agent, for the purchase and acquisition of developed and/or undeveloped land in Belize for your retirement, vacation, business or investment. We are prepared to assist you in your property search and to provide you with general information and consultation on real estate in Belize.

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